Hello wavy on duty! This guide is Tofino for you! Let’s talk about the characteristics of wavy hair and different finishing techniques according to your hair type. We know that many wavy face difficulties to finish the wires, so we gathered several tips in this guide. The idea here is to talk about ways to enhance your natural texture.

Finalization wavy hair

The wavy hair form “S” waves may be more severe or less marked. Generally, type 2 have smooth hair root and the corrugations are formed in the length and ends. There are different wave patterns, but to try to summarize some information we will try to work with a basic division into three types: 2A, 2B and 2C.

wavy hair 2A

In the first group we call wavy hair 2A, they are the threads that form very soft waves. The 2A type wavy hair are bright and are very flexible. When it is cold, the hair tends to look almost flat and this trait often target the biggest complaints from the owners of these beautiful tresses. The corrugated 2A are thinner and do not have much volume. When choosing the finisher, you need to take some care since the choice of very thick products can weigh the wire and damage the natural formation of the waves. The products in mousse form are a good alternative to finalize its wavy 2A. Some girls give up the use of creams / mousses and end oil only. Test and see what works best for you 🙂

Tips to highlight even more the waves of their 2A:

Mix in spray bottle 1 drop of vegetable oil, a small amount of cream and water (use a little cream even okay? To avoid let me hair too heavy). Spray the mixture hair, comb through the strands with your fingers and knead the low wire up. Abandon the use of the comb at the time of completion is good.

A widely used technique for rolling is the bun. If you want to try to do so: let the wires to dry a little and make a loose bun. Let the hair finish drying process naturally and release the bun.

IMPORTANT: This type of finish should be done during the day so that the hair has time to dry straight. Sleeping with the still damp hair up can cause bad smell and encourage the proliferation of fungi.

Another way to create waves are twists. Do this: Divide the hair in parts and go separating strands. Take a lock and divide in half, wrapping a part of the other. Tie the end with a rubber band. Once hair is dry, undo the twists. Apply repair the very tips and voila!

There is a technique that uses pantyhose to create that “Gisele effect” on wavy hair. Explain step by step will be a rather complicated task but there are several videos explaining how to do this on YouTube, search for “curls with pantyhose” or something that will appear aviaries videos on the subject.

wavy hair 2B

The 2B wavy also have the smoothest root and form dimples spaced by wire extension. These waves are a little more prone to frizz. If you are the owner of beautiful tresses 2B know that a good cut makes all the difference to further highlight its waves and distribute the volume.

Tips to further highlight the waves of your 2B:

With damp hair, finish the hair with a little leave-in and a bit of oil, brushing gently with your fingers. Do not focus the leave-in, spread it on the lengths and ends. Use a 100% cotton shirt to remove excess water. So do: play all the hair down and hit the bottom towel up, encouraging the formation of waves. Let it dry naturally.

Another option is  plopping , which requires a little more patience. The plopping is a drying technique that helps reduce frizz and leave hair more defined. Here on the blog has a post explaining step by step all right, but in short the idea is to finish the hair normally and use a microfiber towel or 100% cotton shirt to remove the excess water by pressing lightly from the bottom up. Then open the / towel shirt on the bed with his head down, put all the hair on the towel. Wrap the two sides of the fabric as if you were wrapping a bullet. Tie the shirt back, forming a cap. Leave it until the hair is almost dry or dry and remove the towel. Ready!

wavy hair 2C

In the wavy hair 2C group are forming and striking waves. The yarns may be thicker and have more hair volume. It is common for women with wavy hair 2C also have 3A curls, and there is one misturinha: a hair piece shape curls and another is wavy. Learn to live with these characteristics is very important. Test different techniques and note. Gradually you will be able to take care of their waves without many challenges.

Tips to highlight even more the waves of your 2C:

The fit gem is a technique to leave the hair more specific. Start by dividing your hair into layers. The idea is to give special attention to each of them. Place a small amount of cream on hands, spread and apply the chosen wick. Comb this lock with his fingers, forming “tapes”, loosen the lock and press a little. Do this on all hair slowly and let it dry naturally. If it was difficult to understand explanation, check the image below how it would fit gem a lock:

The finish with linseed gel and some leave-in also makes the wavy hair beautiful! how to prepare the gel. After making the gel to damp hair apply it to the lengths and tips and comb through with your fingers. Apply over a little leave-in and knead the hair with your hands from the bottom up. Let it dry naturally. If after drying your hair stand with that Durango effect, tighten the strands with the aid of some oil and ready.

Products wavy hair completion

Each hair has different needs and respond differently to treatments and products. What works well for you may not work well for someone else. For this reason, it is difficult to indicate products to end. Separated some suggestions of products for curly hair but none of them work for you, do not be discouraged! Test stuff 🙂

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