Romantic good night quotes

A heart in celebration … a radiant soul … and a smile shining with joy … is what we wish each other … in the simplicity of caring … of love … of the brotherhood of the Sincere friendship!!!

evening … announcing the blessed night of rest and tranquility … it is time to silence our thoughts and allow the harmony of peace to dwell in our soul … good rest

Time to calm angels and thank for all the joys and blessings of this day … learn and evolve over every ordeal overcome … beautiful and blessed night of peace!

Let us be beautiful souls … free … experiencing the divine blessings with each dawn

Let us be blessed, with a serene heart, overflowing with peace and radiating light … the most beautiful reflection of the love of God that dwells in our soul!

Best Romantic Good Night Quotes

Thank you … end the day with a heart full of peace!

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Good weekend angels! May it be of many emotions and joys for people!

Peace, serenity and tranquility! Beautiful night that welcomes us bringing the rest our emotions … a beautiful week full of victories and blessings arrived with all the affection of God for each one of us angels!

Beautiful night of peace, time to rest and thank for more this past day! Serene your emotions, strengthen hope and faith … for a day of blessings is being worked with all God’s love for us!

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Even if trials become immense, have faith and trust your heart to God … let the serenity of peace bring you wisdom and humility to overcome all difficulties!

Romantic Good Night Quotes For Her

Finding a day full of tenderness like this, is to smile at God and say: Thank you Lord for all your blessings that have been illuminating my heart of joys on this beautiful day that is gone!

Soul serene and heart in peace … in the harmony of tranquility the body and the mind rest!

We are all in a process of constant evolution … vivifying our essence … harmonizing our existence!

Sweet night of Peace! Serenading the emotions in the tranquility of peace, so we rest and strengthen faith and hope … for a dawn of joys and blessings! Beautiful angel’s night Blessed weekend for all of us!

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May the tenderness of peace embrace and warm our hearts, in the joy of friendship … in the happiness of love shared with truth and sincerity among us.

calm and inspiration … there are times when our hearts need that silence in the soul so that we can hear God’s answers to our questions!

Days of peace, of tenderness, of sincere truths and that embrace the soul … days of light, of love … days of fullness … joys and happiness … for me, for you .. For us … anyway!

let flow all positive, all light … freeing the essence of all that merely peace in our hearts … We are blessed when we can calm the soul and keep clean our mind!

I wish that tonight you can sleep like an angel and may God give you a lot of intelligence to overcome all the obstacles that may arise in the future. Good night

That night, illuminated by the moon, light trail of the stars and carry you, your angel’s protector, God sent for your night gets better,

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