Top 10 strange facts about dreams

Top 10 strange facts about dreamsDreaming is a necessary process that can protect against the development of psychological problems. Dreams are also important because they help the brain to process and integrate the enormous confusion of sensory information that people absorb every day.
The subconscious mind classifies and organizes all data and dreams use this factor to help people in the process learning and resolving problems that may have left individuals perplexed while they were awake. In this selection are highlighted 10 strange facts about dreams.

Night courses

Researchers continue to gather evidence that dreaming helps people absorb what they have learned during the day. The several hours of uninterrupted quiet time allow the unconscious mind repeat and review the complicated functions of the new work, or the struggle to learn French in his spare time.

All Dream

Everyone dreams every night, even if the person does not remember the dreams. People spend two hours or more each night dreaming. It was believed that people only dreaming during REM parts, Rapid Eye Movement Sleep cycle.
However, new evidence suggests that it is possible to dream during other parts of the cycle as well, although the bodies require certain amount of REM sleep and the most vivid and convincing dreams occur during these short periods of deep sleep.

Traitor Dream

Studies show that the most common dream is that the partner is cheating dreamers. However, it is important to keep in mind that probably the owner of the dream is not having a premonition, as the most likely cause is a general feeling of being cheated.
The good news is that the partner is probably not having an affair, but it does not it means that there is no problem. A dream of betrayal usually indicates that the partner is preoccupied with work or other issues and that the dreamer is upset by the time not spent with it.

Reruns characterized Dream

The recurring dreams may have special meaning to the people because of the meaning of the dream, and to be especially important, even if it is not understood exactly how.
Some of the most common themes in recurring dreams involving suffer attack, be naked, be pursued and be late for an important appointment. In many ways it is believed that the subjects express unresolved conflicts and fears that the dreamer is struggling to overcome in your waking life.

Strange Dream Interpretation

British psychologists have recently discovered that dreams tend to get more and more strange as the night progresses. Worldly events on the same day as a meeting with known, or driving to work, often appear in the early dreams.
The own health may adversely affect dreams as infections, premenstrual syndrome, and sleep deprivation, all having the potential to trigger nightmares. Casual and the most bizarre images are included in the own dreams and the result is often a confusing mixture that can be difficult to make sense.

Dozen Dreams in a Night

People cannot remember any of them, but it’s a good bet that were 12 or more dreams last night. The most interesting or strange dreams unfold during REM sleep, but dreams also take place in other parts of the cycle, adding up to 2 or more hours of it every night

Lucid dreams

Having a lucid dream is not very common in a dream sequence as the Inception movie, but this kind of dream gives people the unique experience of being aware that you are dreaming.
The individual is not awake during lucid dreaming, as they believe. Instead, the conscious mind is enough still lucid on some level that is able to recognize a dream for what it is, while it is unfolding.
The most interesting part is that people can sometimes shape the content of these dreams to make them more exciting or erotic, and sometimes even choose the end.


Many dream when they are bored, but there is a less common phenomenon called Daytime Paraphernalia. Unlike daydreams that are self-directed, DPH involves types of dream images into the mind of its own consciousness. This usually happens when a person is very tired, bored or relaxed.

Inspiration Dreams

There is a long history of dreams inspiring people to gain new ideas and inventions. Mary Shelley, the author of the first science fiction novel, Frankenstein, was inspired to write the novel scary after having a nightmare about the resuscitation of a corpse

Premonition Dreams

Many people have seen stories about a person who had a dream about the plane crashing into them, deciding not to fly after knowing that the plane had fallen. However, the dreams that give information about future events are not common.
These dreams of premonition, also called premonitory dreams, they do not get much respect in the scientific community, but people continue to report the same.