Top 10 strange facts about dreams

Top 10 strange facts about dreamsDreaming is a necessary process that can protect against the development of psychological problems. Dreams are also important because they help the brain to process and integrate the enormous confusion of sensory information that people absorb every day.
The subconscious mind classifies and organizes all data and dreams use this factor to help people in the process learning and resolving problems that may have left individuals perplexed while they were awake. In this selection are highlighted 10 strange facts about dreams.

Night courses

Researchers continue to gather evidence that dreaming helps people absorb what they have learned during the day. The several hours of uninterrupted quiet time allow the unconscious mind repeat and review the complicated functions of the new work, or the struggle to learn French in his spare time.

All Dream

Everyone dreams every night, even if the person does not remember the dreams. People spend two hours or more each night dreaming. It was believed that people only dreaming during REM parts, Rapid Eye Movement Sleep cycle.
However, new evidence suggests that it is possible to dream during other parts of the cycle as well, although the bodies require certain amount of REM sleep and the most vivid and convincing dreams occur during these short periods of deep sleep.

Traitor Dream

Studies show that the most common dream is that the partner is cheating dreamers. However, it is important to keep in mind that probably the owner of the dream is not having a premonition, as the most likely cause is a general feeling of being cheated.
The good news is that the partner is probably not having an affair, but it does not it means that there is no problem. A dream of betrayal usually indicates that the partner is preoccupied with work or other issues and that the dreamer is upset by the time not spent with it.

Reruns characterized Dream

The recurring dreams may have special meaning to the people because of the meaning of the dream, and to be especially important, even if it is not understood exactly how.
Some of the most common themes in recurring dreams involving suffer attack, be naked, be pursued and be late for an important appointment. In many ways it is believed that the subjects express unresolved conflicts and fears that the dreamer is struggling to overcome in your waking life.

Strange Dream Interpretation

British psychologists have recently discovered that dreams tend to get more and more strange as the night progresses. Worldly events on the same day as a meeting with known, or driving to work, often appear in the early dreams.
The own health may adversely affect dreams as infections, premenstrual syndrome, and sleep deprivation, all having the potential to trigger nightmares. Casual and the most bizarre images are included in the own dreams and the result is often a confusing mixture that can be difficult to make sense.

Dozen Dreams in a Night

People cannot remember any of them, but it’s a good bet that were 12 or more dreams last night. The most interesting or strange dreams unfold during REM sleep, but dreams also take place in other parts of the cycle, adding up to 2 or more hours of it every night

Lucid dreams

Having a lucid dream is not very common in a dream sequence as the Inception movie, but this kind of dream gives people the unique experience of being aware that you are dreaming.
The individual is not awake during lucid dreaming, as they believe. Instead, the conscious mind is enough still lucid on some level that is able to recognize a dream for what it is, while it is unfolding.
The most interesting part is that people can sometimes shape the content of these dreams to make them more exciting or erotic, and sometimes even choose the end.


Many dream when they are bored, but there is a less common phenomenon called Daytime Paraphernalia. Unlike daydreams that are self-directed, DPH involves types of dream images into the mind of its own consciousness. This usually happens when a person is very tired, bored or relaxed.

Inspiration Dreams

There is a long history of dreams inspiring people to gain new ideas and inventions. Mary Shelley, the author of the first science fiction novel, Frankenstein, was inspired to write the novel scary after having a nightmare about the resuscitation of a corpse

Premonition Dreams

Many people have seen stories about a person who had a dream about the plane crashing into them, deciding not to fly after knowing that the plane had fallen. However, the dreams that give information about future events are not common.
These dreams of premonition, also called premonitory dreams, they do not get much respect in the scientific community, but people continue to report the same.

Top 10 things you should never say to a woman

Top 10 things you should never say to a woman

Some women get angry easily, this is fact. But all have some points in common. There are some topics and sensitive issues that can be avoided, as well as some words that will make you less attractive. Many mistakes can be avoided by keeping the very closed mouth, in order that the relationship can proceed in an interesting way. In this selection are highlighted 10 things you should never say to a woman.

“Can I kiss you?”

By asking about it for any woman, she will say that a man should never ask for a kiss. Ask for a kiss goes against everything a woman seeking a man. It is easier to tell her there even if it is only a menin it. Her answer may be “yes”, when being polite, but the inner attraction detects actually a “no.”

“I can take you to meet ever?”

A woman wants to be with a man who is a leader and has control, not someone who asks your permission to deal with it. Never ask if you can take it out, just ask to leave.
But do it in a confident manner. This can be as simply say, “We should get out. What’s your number? “Or even tell her a specific place you want to take it, like” Hey, we go to a salsa class together will be fun. ”

Anything on the car itself, work or home sound like trying to impress her.

The truth is there are many types of men, but women put them in a category of men who have nothing more to offer. Of course, you can attract some women, but even these will be much more impressed by the male material goods if they are not mentioned by him in conversation.

“What you want to do tonight?”

There is an established saying that a woman likes a “man with a plan”, and it is absolutely true. When the man calls a woman to leave, you must be sure to have a game plan. Do not put weight on it or it will not see man as the kind that can amuse her.

“You like me?”

If I had to pick a simple sentence that ends with the lure female permanently, it would be this. Ask a woman this question is the opposite of being confident. So do not ask, just take it like yes, and then there.

“I left a message for you the other day, but I did not return. What happened?”

If a message without returning to a woman is mentioned, two things are done. The first is to show that you care that she did not return, and it was the first meeting, it is too early to care. The second thing is to give her a sense of guilt, what women see as insecurity

“How many men have you slept with?”

First of all, the man really wants to know this answer? And second shows the insecurity again, especially if you ask this in the beginning. Of course if she asks first, you can move on to inquire. But no man really wants to be the first to get this dialogue.

Anything about the future

Often when men are coming out with a woman for the first time and she mentions something you like or enjoy doing, a man will use this as an opportunity to suggest a future meeting.
While this sounds good in theory, it is necessary to remember that women do not want to just, but they need a man who is in some way a “challenge”. If the first meeting the man talk about going out again and again, she knows that it is actually achieved by it, which means the game is over and she won.

“I’ll call you on Friday”

End a phone conversation with a “next step” is a good technique if you are trying to sell something, but not when you’re talking to a woman, then say you’ll call on Friday for its second position in this selection.
First, this form is eliminated any spontaneity by being predictable. And second, the man is also ending any chances of her to call him, since she now has to wait for the connection or risk desperate look.

Anything bad about men her friends

One of the ways a woman marks a man as “unsafe” is the faster it starts to fuck with her men friends, especially if he does not know them and do not know much of it too. Mention anything bad about her guy friends is a leader position in this selection of 10 things you should never say to a woman.
And even if they are more than friends, the man in question is only pretending afraid of the competition, which signals insecurity for women. It is best to just keep your mouth shut when they are mentioned and focus on own achievement.

Top 10 countries with the world’s smallest birth rate

Top 10 countries with the world's smallest birth rate

In this selection are highlighted 10 countries with the world’s smallest birth rate. Some of these countries possum rules and regulation to control this rate. Their government has drawn up rules to maintain a low birth rate. For the smaller population, these countries have achieved success. In the world especially developing countries have higher birth rates.

San Marino

His recent average fertility rate is 8.7 births per 1000 people. The mortality rate is 7.6 per 1000 people. The people are mainly violated to agriculture. The unemployment rate is known as the smallest of the whole of Europe.
It is one of the richest countries in the world by GDP. The total area is 61.2 square kilometers. The average total population is 32,500 of San Marino, which is tenth on this selection, the 10 countries with the world’s smallest birth rate.


Taiwan is located in East Asia. And has an average fertility rate of 8.55 births per 1000 people. It is also known as the sixteenth most populous country in the world, according to density. According to 2013 census, the average total population was 23,345. The mortality rate is 6.7 per 1000 people.


slovenia has the lowest population density in europe. the average population is 2059 per 1000 people. the population is mainly italian, slovenian and hungarian. the average birth rate is 8:48 births per 1000 people. the total estimated population in 2014 was 2,061,085.


the average population of 76,246 people. the mortality rate is 4 to 1000 people. according to july 2014, the total population was 85,458. the average age of the andorran people is 42.4 years. most people have 25-54 years old. the birth rate according to estimates in 2014 is 8.48 births per 1,000 people.


the total population according to the census of december 31, 2013 was almost 80,767,000. and there 8:42 births to 1,000 people. the mortality rate is 29.11 people per 1000 population.

south korea

The birth rate is 26.8 births per 1,000 populations. In 1980 his government introduced many methods to keep the rate at the lowest level. The free birth control devices were given to mothers.
Special grants were given to parents who agreed to have low fertility rate. The country also refused to give discount for parents who have 3 or more children.


Singapore is a beautiful country, and the average population of 5399 people. Only 14.3% of people are aged 25 to 34 years. The average fertility rate is 8.1 births per 1000 people. Singapore has succeeded after controlling the pregnancy rate. And the fertility rate was 1.19 in 2013


Japan also introduced birth control measures in the country. The birth rate according to the estimate 2014 is 07.08 births per 1,000 people. It is the thirty-seventh most populous country, according to density.
The average population is 128,058 seconds 2010. And 63.7% people are 15-65 years old. The average mortality rate, according to 2014 was 10 people per 1000. Japan is known as the country ‘s third – lowest fertility rate.

saint pierre and miquelon

the official language is french, with this country second position in this selection of the 10 countries with the world’s smallest birth rate. the main occupation of the population is fishing.
the fertility rate is very low. the estimated fertility rate is 7.7 births per 1000 people. it is a beautiful island, and the total population is 6080 people according to the census of 2011.
the pregnancy rate is low because its rate of the total population is also low. the population growth rate is -0.7%. and the expected mortality rate is 6.81 per 1000 people. and 99% of the population are literate. 2.4% people have 0-14 years of age.


Monaco is in Western Europe. The total population is only 36,371. It is known as the second smallest country in the world. The fertility rate is the lowest in the world, with leading country in this selection.
The estimated average birth rate is 6.72 births per 1,000 people. It is a very small country, and its defense is managed by France. The country is economically strong. This implies the absence of tax on the population.
Most of the people belonging to the age group 15-65 years. The mortality rate is 8:52 deaths per 1000 people. Only 12.3% of people have 0-15 years of age.



Hello wavy on duty! This guide is Tofino for you! Let’s talk about the characteristics of wavy hair and different finishing techniques according to your hair type. We know that many wavy face difficulties to finish the wires, so we gathered several tips in this guide. The idea here is to talk about ways to enhance your natural texture.

Finalization wavy hair

The wavy hair form “S” waves may be more severe or less marked. Generally, type 2 have smooth hair root and the corrugations are formed in the length and ends. There are different wave patterns, but to try to summarize some information we will try to work with a basic division into three types: 2A, 2B and 2C.

wavy hair 2A

In the first group we call wavy hair 2A, they are the threads that form very soft waves. The 2A type wavy hair are bright and are very flexible. When it is cold, the hair tends to look almost flat and this trait often target the biggest complaints from the owners of these beautiful tresses. The corrugated 2A are thinner and do not have much volume. When choosing the finisher, you need to take some care since the choice of very thick products can weigh the wire and damage the natural formation of the waves. The products in mousse form are a good alternative to finalize its wavy 2A. Some girls give up the use of creams / mousses and end oil only. Test and see what works best for you 🙂

Tips to highlight even more the waves of their 2A:

Mix in spray bottle 1 drop of vegetable oil, a small amount of cream and water (use a little cream even okay? To avoid let me hair too heavy). Spray the mixture hair, comb through the strands with your fingers and knead the low wire up. Abandon the use of the comb at the time of completion is good.

A widely used technique for rolling is the bun. If you want to try to do so: let the wires to dry a little and make a loose bun. Let the hair finish drying process naturally and release the bun.

IMPORTANT: This type of finish should be done during the day so that the hair has time to dry straight. Sleeping with the still damp hair up can cause bad smell and encourage the proliferation of fungi.

Another way to create waves are twists. Do this: Divide the hair in parts and go separating strands. Take a lock and divide in half, wrapping a part of the other. Tie the end with a rubber band. Once hair is dry, undo the twists. Apply repair the very tips and voila!

There is a technique that uses pantyhose to create that “Gisele effect” on wavy hair. Explain step by step will be a rather complicated task but there are several videos explaining how to do this on YouTube, search for “curls with pantyhose” or something that will appear aviaries videos on the subject.

wavy hair 2B

The 2B wavy also have the smoothest root and form dimples spaced by wire extension. These waves are a little more prone to frizz. If you are the owner of beautiful tresses 2B know that a good cut makes all the difference to further highlight its waves and distribute the volume.

Tips to further highlight the waves of your 2B:

With damp hair, finish the hair with a little leave-in and a bit of oil, brushing gently with your fingers. Do not focus the leave-in, spread it on the lengths and ends. Use a 100% cotton shirt to remove excess water. So do: play all the hair down and hit the bottom towel up, encouraging the formation of waves. Let it dry naturally.

Another option is  plopping , which requires a little more patience. The plopping is a drying technique that helps reduce frizz and leave hair more defined. Here on the blog has a post explaining step by step all right, but in short the idea is to finish the hair normally and use a microfiber towel or 100% cotton shirt to remove the excess water by pressing lightly from the bottom up. Then open the / towel shirt on the bed with his head down, put all the hair on the towel. Wrap the two sides of the fabric as if you were wrapping a bullet. Tie the shirt back, forming a cap. Leave it until the hair is almost dry or dry and remove the towel. Ready!

wavy hair 2C

In the wavy hair 2C group are forming and striking waves. The yarns may be thicker and have more hair volume. It is common for women with wavy hair 2C also have 3A curls, and there is one misturinha: a hair piece shape curls and another is wavy. Learn to live with these characteristics is very important. Test different techniques and note. Gradually you will be able to take care of their waves without many challenges.

Tips to highlight even more the waves of your 2C:

The fit gem is a technique to leave the hair more specific. Start by dividing your hair into layers. The idea is to give special attention to each of them. Place a small amount of cream on hands, spread and apply the chosen wick. Comb this lock with his fingers, forming “tapes”, loosen the lock and press a little. Do this on all hair slowly and let it dry naturally. If it was difficult to understand explanation, check the image below how it would fit gem a lock:

The finish with linseed gel and some leave-in also makes the wavy hair beautiful! how to prepare the gel. After making the gel to damp hair apply it to the lengths and tips and comb through with your fingers. Apply over a little leave-in and knead the hair with your hands from the bottom up. Let it dry naturally. If after drying your hair stand with that Durango effect, tighten the strands with the aid of some oil and ready.

Products wavy hair completion

Each hair has different needs and respond differently to treatments and products. What works well for you may not work well for someone else. For this reason, it is difficult to indicate products to end. Separated some suggestions of products for curly hair but none of them work for you, do not be discouraged! Test stuff 🙂

10 Facts about the love that you probably did not know

10 Facts about the love that you probably did not know-

1. Hearts synchronize

According to research published in the International Journal of Psychophysiology and Emotion, scientists at UC Davis in California, found that couples in love tend to synchronize their heart rate and respiration when in mutual interaction for more than three minutes!

2. Hold the hand of his love relieves pain and stress

Research shows that couples who live a relationship with strong, intense and intimate connections can “cure” at the touch of hands!
There is no witchcraft, but the good old “love magic”! According to scientists, couples can calm each other in extreme stress situations or even relieving physical pain when they are in hand.

3. Just like a hug …

If you hold hands can help heal pain, imagine what a hug can do!
Studies show that receiving a hug from someone you love helps to release oxytocin in the body, popularly known as the “love hormone“.
Scientists believe that oxytocin also influences the combat headaches, for example. So the next time the migraine attack, instead of running to the painkillers box, invite your love to sleep for spooning.

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4. Romantic love has the days …

Euphoria, butterflies in the stomach, nervousness, sweaty hands … Almost everyone has experienced these symptoms for someone, right? But according to studies, all (or most) of these typical reactions of passion have their days numbered …

Research shows that romantic love, or the intense and euphoric passion, lasts about one year. After that time, you start the so-called “committed love” or “genuine love” when they begin to strengthen the trust and commitment ties.
At this stage, the scientists justify the transition from romantic love to love committed from the presence of high levels of neurotrophins in the brain, a protein responsible for ensuring the survival, development and functioning of neurons.

5. We love or hate in less than 4 minutes!

“First impression remains”. This popular maxim has never been more right!
According to studies, it takes about four minutes for a person to decide whether or not like another.
And that “initial analysis”, which we consider is not primarily the body language of another individual, or its tone and voice speed, the movements of the arms and hands, facial expressions, etc.

6. Passion is a “drug” legal

Studies show that the brain activity of a person in love is similar to a cocaine user!
According to research, approximately 12 different areas of the brain are stimulated when we are in love. The feeling of intense euphoria during the “romantic love” is like the effect of cocaine.
Like drugs, the feelings that characterize love are formed by a group of chemicals that are produced by our body, such as adrenaline, dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin, among others.
But do not worry, a “overdose of love” never killed anyone!

7. There is a Triangular Theory of Love

This theory was developed by psychologist Robert Sternberg to try to classify the different types of love. In total, there are three types formed from two of the three main components: passion, intimacy and commitment.
The “romantic love” is the union of passion + intimacy; the “companionate love” is the union of intimacy + commitment, and normally consolidates after the end of “romantic love”; and “fleeting love” is the combination of passion + commitment.
The “legendary” and desired “perfect love” (or “consummate love” as it is also known) is the perfect union of the three components.
Now that you know the mathematics of ideal love, just keep an eye and “do the math”!

8. Thinking in love makes you more creative

When we are in love we planned a thousand things to do side of our soul mate, right? Thoughts and desires for commitment, devotion and intimacy help develop an area of the brain responsible for the creative and abstract thoughts, according to some scientists!
But if you have not found a “love to call your own,” know that thinking about sex also helps stimulate certain important areas to develop concrete activities such as tasks or functions, for example.

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9. There are people incapable of love

The so-called hypopituitarism is a rare disease that affects directly the production of certain hormones made in the pituitary region located at the base of the brain.
How does this affect love? Well, this endocrine disease prevents them from being produced eight hormones that are responsible for giving life to the emotional symptoms caused when we are in love.
In other words, people who suffer from hypopituitarism will never feel all the sensations aroused by the “romantic love.” Sadly, no?

10. Broken heart is much more than an expression

In fact, it is even a disease! When someone suffers a very great sorrow, as the end of a relationship, divorce or death of a loved one, you can have the broken heart syndrome, which he even be a physical pain in the heart area. Although this condition, known medically as Takotsubo cardiomyopathy, has no physical effects in reality, the love of disgust experience causes the brain to release substances that weaken the heart!
I love it is an amazing feeling!